Rental management


We will seek out tenants for your property. Avocette Immobilier places advertisements in our agency windows, in addition to developing and sharing listings on multiple online platforms and social networks.

We will select appropriate tenants: We study potential tenants’ files with care, making sure that they meet the financial criteria required by our insurance company.

We will organize visits to your property and keep you updated as developments arise.

We will draw up a lease agreement that complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

We will go over the property’s electronic inventory upon the tenant’s arrival and departure.

We will monitor your property and manage its upkeep. We request estimates for any necessary work and, with your permission, ensure that workers intervene quickly. We also collect invoices and bill the tenant for any services for which they are responsible.

We will collect the rent and the security deposit when the tenant arrives.

We will follow up each month to collect rental payments.

We will provide receipts for rent paid, along with any other documents that the tenant may require.

We will calculate increases in rent each year, in keeping with the provisions outlined in the lease.

We will calculate and resolve maintenance charges annually.

We will prepare a detailed breakdown of your rental income and expenditures.

We will organize your receipts each month and provide you with access to all accounting, legal, and financial documents.


We respect your privacy and ask only for the mandatory documents when compiling your dossier.

We respond within 48 hours of receiving your complete dossier.

We provide a well-prepared and thorough visit of your property.

We set a fixed rent in accordance with market prices—one that respects all parties involved.

We prepare an electronic inventory for arrival and departure, complete with photos. If anything is missing, it will be replaced within 10 days.

We ensure that fees are shared between the landlord and the tenant, and that they do not exceed the legal limit.

We provide an annual regularization of expenses.

In case problems arise at your property, we ensure swift and efficient intervention within 24 hours.

We are impartial mediators who must respect the law.

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